I am a recent PhD in Interactive Arts & Technology from Simon Fraser University.

I am a user researcher, interaction designer, programmer, and technology scholar, focusing on artificial intelligence, tangible/wearable computing, interactive narrative and games, and steampunk/maker culture.

I am currently working as a Project Scientist/Research Game Developer at UC-Santa Cruz’s Center for Games and Playable Media.  I am part of the DARPA-funded IMMERSE research project, which focuses on the application of artificial intelligence to games, with an emphasis on autonomous character AI, social simulation, and dramatic interaction with synthetic characters.

In April 2015 I will join the Department of Informatics at UC-Irvine as a Project Scientist, helping to build the Transformative Play Lab with Josh Tanenbaum.  We will be continuing our research work on games, interactive narrative, design fiction, tangible/wearable technology and maker culture.