rg-iconReading Glove: The Reading Glove is an interactive storytelling system designed and built in collaboration with Josh Tanenbaum to investigate research questions of interactive narrative, player modeling, adaptivity, and tangible embodied interaction.
kurio-iconKurio: The Kurio project was a group project that developed a tangible museum guide with the research goals of exploring issues of social engagement, play and learning for family groups in museums.
futura-iconTabletop Computing: I have worked with several different iterations of a multi-touch tabletop computer system constructed by Professor Alissa Antle and a variety of graduate students to explore tabletop interaction techniques.  I helped design the sustainability-focused group game Futura, displayed at the 2010 Olympics.
ed-iconEveryday Design: The Everyday Design project investigated the ways in which non-designers engage in design in their everyday lives, often simply by using and adapting objects, artifacts and routines to suit their needs over time.
Other Projects: Assorted side businesses, design competitions, exhibitions and other activities.