About Me

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Academic Background

In 2002, I completed my BA in Philosophy & Celtic Studies at the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies at the University of Redlands.

In 2004, I earned my MA in Linguistics at the University of California-San Diego, specializing in computational linguistics. Shortly thereafter, I began working at Parity Computing in San Diego as their Senior Linguist, managing their automated reference tagger.

In 2013, I completed a PhD at the School of Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University with a focus in Artificial Intelligence and Ubiquitous Computing.

While my academic career may look a little odd, I believe there is a common thread uniting my work in philosophy, linguistics, and intelligent systems, which is the exploration of the components of human experience.

As an undergraduate, I studied the history of philosophy, examining ways in which philosophical thinking changed throughout time. In many cases, the issues that were central to the philosophy of a particular period or culture were determined and constrained by the society that it was embedded in. I explored how the dominant ideas of a culture (religion, art, technology, community, etc) shaped people’s understanding of themselves and the world.

For my MA work, I moved into the realm of linguistics, hoping to gain further insight into these ideas by examining the medium of human thought, language. While I learned a great deal from my work in linguistics and cognitive science, I ended up ultimately unsatisfied by the work I could do there.

In my PhD at SIAT, I focused on exploring the way technology shapes and is shaped by human experience.  I am particularly interested in the emergence of embodied interaction paradigms like ubiquitous and tangible computing and the use of intelligent, adaptive techniques to support these novel environments.