The Kurio Project

The Kurio project was led by Professors Marek Hatala & Ron Wakkary and involved several other graduate students in addition to myself. We developed a tangible museum guide with the research goals of exploring issues of social engagement, play and learning for family groups in museums.

Kurio Project

The interactive museum guide is comprised of a tangible user interface that is distributed over several different custom tangible components, a tabletop display, and a PDA that the family group uses to explore the museum by playing an interactive game. Through designing the system we have developed an adaptive user model for groups that facilitates different learning styles and levels, guided by constructivist learning principles. My work on the project centered around the development of the adaptive user models and the reasoning engine which governed the interactions.  I also conducted ethnographic field studies of the museum, designed and ran workshops to explore elements of the interaction, and conducted mixed-method studies of the final system.

More information can be found in the Kurio Project Video and at the Kurio Project Website 

Kurio Tangibles