SFU Dean of Grad Studies Profile: A profile on me as a recipient of the Dean’s Convocation Medal.

5 4 3 2 1 Things about Karen TanenbaumGoli Mohammadi did a profile on me for MAKE.

Makezine Shout Out To the Women in Tech: Goli Mohammadi included me in her shout out to women in tech in honor of the 2013 International Women’s Day on March 9th.

O’Reilly Radar Interview: Suzanne Axtell from O’Reilly Media approached me for an interview, and asked some very interesting questions about the Reading Glove, interaction design education, storytelling, and data analysis.

Ecouterre Wearable Technology ArticleThe Ecouterre sustainable fashion blog picked up the O’Reilly story as well.

Maker Faire Vancouver 2011 from Ben Z Cooper on VimeoThe Tanenbaum Fabrications booth is featured briefly in this video of the 2011 Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire (around 45 seconds in):

Vancouver Observer ArticleThe Vancouver Observer also did a piece that included our presence at the Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire.

Express Vancouver: Josh and I were interviewed by the Express Vancouver regarding our Steampunk work (Our section starts at 5:45):

Simon Fraser University:

Research Profile: Karen TanenbaumSimon Fraser University‘s Graduate Studies Blog did a research profile on my work.

The School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) news page has featured my award-winning work on numerous occasions: